What AI Writing Assistants Can Do For Content Creation

When you use AI writing assistants for your content creation, you’re not just giving them a few ideas for blog posts. The best way to train an AI is to write for it like you would for a child. Provide it with as much relevant information as possible, and give it examples to help it understand a subject. To make your AI writing assistant a good teacher, you should use examples and explain everything to it in simple terms.

Jarvis now known as Jasper.ai

If you’re looking for a way to automate your content creation process, you’ve probably heard about Jarvis, an AI writing assistant. While this technology is helpful for SEO, it may slow down the process for some professional writers. While it’s still a relatively new technology, it’s already capable of writing website content, blog articles, and Quora answers. The best part? You can try Jarvis for free for five days!

The machine learning algorithm that powers Jarvis checks the content for grammar and spelling errors, and checks it for plagiarism. With its deep learning capabilities, Jarvis produces content that’s 100% original. It also formats articles, which makes them ready for publication on websites or social media platforms. As an added bonus, Jarvis works with leading SEO services, such as SurferSEO. The company says that its partnership with Jarvis will allow it to deliver SEO-optimized content in a variety of formats.


Sapling is an AI writing assistant that sits on top of messaging and CRM platforms and helps agents create personalized responses by providing grammar and spelling suggestions. It can help improve the quality of writing with features such as autocomplete, spelling correction, snippets, canned messages, and text expanders. Sapling is available as a self-hosted or on-premise service that meets enterprise security requirements. It has a variety of language models and offers privacy. The tool also provides predictive analytics.

While Sapling is considered an AI writing assistant, it is much more than that. It is also used to improve communication with CRM networks and messaging software. For that reason, it can be considered a kind of AI chatbot. Moreover, it is designed to help salespeople write personalized responses and improve their overall communication. Although it is not a replacement for a human writer, it can greatly improve your team’s productivity.


GrowthBar is an AI writing suite for content creators. It allows you to plan SEO content in bulk, create outlines, and write full-length blog posts, all while adhering to SEO best practices. Thousands of teams in the industry use GrowthBar, including companies such as Square, Product Hunt, and Postmates. Its entry-level plan offers 200 AI-generated paragraphs per month, equivalent to 40,000 words.

You can try GrowthBar for free for five days. After that, you will get full access to the software with some limitations. After the free trial, you can pay $29/month for the Standard plan. There are also Pro and Agency plans, which cost $79 and $129 respectively. GrowthBar provides a free trial for its Standard and Agency versions. You can use it for up to 50,000 words a month, but there are some restrictions on how much you can use it.

GrowthBar SEO is an online tool for writing articles search engines love. It uses OpenAI GPT-3 technology to simulate the writing process. It specializes in SEO writing and includes additional features such as keyword research and site inspection. However, it is not a replacement for a human writer; you should always hire a professional writer to ensure that your content is readable and relevant to your audience. GrowthBar is the ultimate AI writing suite for content creation.


In short, Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you write articles, blog posts, and other content. It works with natural language processing and creates unique output. With more than 60,000 customers and 1000 satisfactory ratings, Rytr has earned a place in customer’s hearts. Rytr has two plans, a free one and a premium one, which costs $29 a month and gives you unlimited characters. The premium plan also offers an account manager and access to a premium community.

Besides blog posts, Rytr also writes ad copy, email content, and social media posts. It also can generate titles and meta descriptions for your website. It is compatible with 30+ languages, making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals that need to produce high-quality content quickly. As an added benefit, Rytr is one of the most affordable AI writing assistants on the market.